STAAAATE Fans Arrive from Starkville

This week in College Station, we welcome the fine people of the progressive beacon of technology, Mississippi State University.

HSJ has been carefully documenting the people of the Magnolia State as they come to town a’tradin and visitin’.

If youve got any greenbacks to dally about, leave em at home. Bring your seed sacks, livestock, hard candies, and straw pennies–lets do some good ol fashioned business this weekend at Kyle.


MSU fan photogallery:


A well warshed face goes a long way when meetin new kin


The people have a youthful exuberance about them over tomorrows contest


parking is nary a problem for the well traveled journeymen of Stayte.


The people are a romancin this fall, takin their betrothed out courtin. Show them the Century Tree!


A well learned group, they might find the Battalion of interest. Share a copy Ags.



Girls! Girls! Make a girl a woman this weekend Ags.


Theyd just like to have a cold glass of suds..


And maybe give you a show!!


But mainly, its about sportsmanship.   Heres to a ripping good ol row on the field!


Sit back and take it all in. Have fun out there.


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