SEC Power Rankings

After the dust has settled from week one, we churned up the computer and came up with the first edition of the SEC power rankings. These are fluid rankings and can shift week to week based on each team’s performance, but these rankings are usually a great way of predicting the SEC champion. Teams outside of the top five or six have virtually no chance of winning the conference.

1. TEXAS A&M (99.22)

The Aggies had the best performance in all of college football in week one. They looked unstoppable on offense and much improved on defense.

2. GEORGIA (98.50)
The Bulldogs kept the game close and pulled away in the fourth quarter behind a dominate running game and strong defense.

3. MISSOURI (97.83)
Maty Mauk is the real deal. The running games looks strong in the post Henry Josey days. Defensively, they seem to be doing a fine job of replacing some losses up front.

4. AUBURN (95.33)
Gus needs to be concerned about his defense after that unit was dominated by a weak Arkansas team for over a half of football.

5. FLORIDA (90.00)
The ranking here is incomplete, but Florida’s offense did look better last weekend than they did all last year. Defensively, Coach Boom has a harem of talent out there.

6. TENNESSEE (88.45)

Neyland was rocking as the Vols turned in a powerful performance against a tough Utah State squad.

7. ALABAMA (84.50)
It could be a long season for Nick Saban. The defense is strong, but looks to be the slowest in the SEC. Poor quarterback recruiting is finally catching up with the Tide.

Along with Florida, this ranking can move more than any other team in the conference. The computer might have the Bulldogs underrated a bit due to the ineptness of Southern Miss, but State will be strong this year.

9. LSU (82.33)
The Tigers struggled for three quarters against a slow Big 10 team. This looks to be the year all those defensive losses catch up to Les Miles.

10. KENTUCKY (81.5)
This is the highest Kentucky has been ranked in years. The Stoops they have is building something nice in basketball land.

11. SOUTH CAROLINA (77.67)
The Ol’ Ball Coach looked lost in week one. Hopefully, the Gamecocks can rebound, but they look like they are reverting back to Cocks of before the Lou Holtz years.

12. MISSISSIPPI (77.41)
The Rebels have talent splattered here and there, but they have the worst quarterback situation in the conference outside of Tuscaloosa.

13. ARKANSAS (66.67)
It’s time to end the Bret Bielema experiment. His weekly embarrassing quotes are more newsworthy than his football team. Bring back John L. Smith.

14. VANDERBILT (50.0)
The most disappointing team in college football after week one.


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