Predicting the Final SEC Standings

This is a simple exercise. You look at every team’s schedule and assign points for every game for a sure win, probable win, tossup, probable loss, and definite loss. You add up the points and have your standings at the end of the year.

Since the eastern division is much weaker than the west this year, some inequalities are evident in the result. For example, Arkansas, which looks much improved, will probably see its win total be within one of Vanderbilt’s this year, despite Vanderbilt being the worst SEC team in years. Four of the five lowest win totals will be in the east despite only two cross division games per team.

SEC East Final Standings

1. Missouri (6.5)

Wins over Vandy, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Florida.
Probable win over Georgia
Tossup vs South Carolina
Probable loss to Texas A&M

2. South Carolina (5)

Wins over Georgia and Vandy
Probable wins over Florida, Kentucky, and Tennessee
Tossup vs Missouri
Probable loss to Auburn
Loss to Texas A&M

3. Georgia (4.25)

Win over Vandy
Probable wins over Tennessee, Arkansas, and Florida
Tossup vs Kentucky
Probable losses to Missouri and Auburn
Loss to South Carolina

4. Kentucky (3)

Win over Vandy
Probable win over Tennessee
Tossup to Georgia
Probable losses to South Carolina, LSU, and Mississippi State
Losses to Missouri and Florida

5. Florida (2.75)

Win over Kentucky
Probable win over Vandy
Probable losses to Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, and USC
Losses to Missouri and LSU

6. Tennessee (2.5)

Probable wins over Florida and Vandy
Probable losses to Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Kentucky
Losses to Alabama and Missouri

7. Vanderbilt (0.5)

Probable losses to Tennessee and Florida
Losses to Mississippi State, Mississippi, Missouri, South Carolina, Georgia, and Kentucky

SEC West Final Standings

1. Texas A&M (6.5)

Wins over South Carolina, Arkansas, and Mississippi.
Probable wins over Mississippi State, Alabama, Missouri, and LSU
Tossup vs Auburn

2. Auburn (6)

Win over Arkansas
Probable wins over LSU, Mississippi State, South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia
Tossup vs Texas A&M

3. Alabama (4.75)

Win over Tennessee
Probable wins over Florida, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Mississippi State
Tossup vs LSU
Probable losses to Texas A&M and Auburn

4. LSU (4.5) (Tie)

Win over Florida
Probable wins over Kentucky and Arkansas
Tossups vs Mississippi State, Mississippi, and Alabama
Probable losses to Texas A&M and Auburn

4. Mississippi State (4.5) (Tie)

Win over Vandy
Probable wins over Kentucky, Arkansas, and Mississippi
Tossup vs LSU
Probable losses to Texas A&M, Auburn, and Alabama

6. Mississippi (3.75)

Win over Vandy
Probable wins over Tennessee and Arkansas
Tossup vs LSU
Probable losses to Alabama, Auburn, and Mississippi State
Loss to Texas A&M

7. Arkansas (1.25)

Probable losses to Mississippi State, Mississippi, LSU, Georgia, and Alabama
Losses to Auburn, Missouri, and Texas A&M


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