College Football Betting Guide Week 1

Week one is almost here. Everyone pull out your wallets and put your money on your favorite college football team.

Here are the locks of the week:

Washington +13 at Boise

The play: Washington

Why? Boise has fallen off from their statue of liberty days. The blue field is fading. Their discipline problems are shipped off to fake Christian schools.

Boise 30
Washington 24

Stanford -11.5 at Northwestern

The play: Stanford

Why? Northwestern players tried to unionize. When you have stuff like that going on, it’s a distraction. Do you have defensive linemen cornering punters in the locker room asking for their union dues for protection? HSJ is not high on Stanford this year, but Northwestern will be a mess all year.

Stanford 35
Northwestern 3

Louisville +10.5 at Auburn

The play: Auburn

Why? Bobby Petrino is a pretty good coach. He has some baggage similar to Charlie Strong and Clint Hurtt, but he will have Louisville scoring some points. We’ll see what Will Muschamp can do on that side of the ball for Auburn. The problem is Louisville is void of talent on the defensive side of the ball, so Auburn should be able to score at will.

Auburn 52
Louisville 28

Virginia +19 at UCLA

The play: Virginia

Why? Last year, with UCLA boasting a preseason All American quarterback, Virginia physically manhandled the Bruins. The PAC 12 has a reputation for soft teams outside of Stanford and Utah. This year, with a true freshman under center, expect the Bruin offense to look about like it did last against Virginia.

Virginia 9

BYU +7 at Nebraska

The play: Virginia

Why? Here are a couple of fascinating teams. BYU plays games on weird days all season because they aren’t in a conference. Nebraska’s former coach looked like a penis. I think Nebraska should improve once they get into their conference schedule, but BYU boasting a roster of 23 year old men always has a little bit of an advantage in week one games.

BYU 28
Nebraska 27

Bowling Green +22 at Tennessee

The play: Bowling Green

Why? Rocky Top is back. Vols fans will be rocking. There’s true excitement pulsating through UT nation. However, they don’t cover.

Tennessee 35
Bowling green 21

Texas A&M -3.5 vs Arizona State

The play: Texas A&M

Why? Again, PAC 12 schools just aren’t physical. While the east coast media is predicting a high scoring affair, this game will play out differently. Both of these teams gave up their share of big plays last year, but this game will resemble more of a 1970’s run heavy battle.

Texas A&M 20
Arizona St 10

Texas +9.5 at Notre Dame

The play: Notre Dame

Why? Notre Dame is starting a shitload of juniors and seniors. Texas lost most of their defense off last year’s team and still do not have a quarterback or an offensive line. This is a mismatch, especially in a week one game.

Notre Dame 49
Texas 0

Alabama -12 vs Wisconsin

The play: Wisconsin

Why? I don’t expect this game to ever really be in doubt, but Alabama is in trouble on offense. While they boast perhaps the SEC’s top defense, they may have the SEC’s worst offense. Amari Cooper in Oakland will really hinder the Tide. Wisconsin will be able to get a few first downs via the run, but won’t be able to put together more than one long scoring drive.

Alabama 19
Wisconsin 10

Virginia Tech +13.5 at Ohio State

The play: Virginia Tech

Why? Last year, Virginia Tech took Ohio State behind the barn and left a bloody half mauled Buckeye in a pile of tattoos and Youngstown street trash. This year, Ohio State will be ready. However, there’s an old saying, “If you have two quarterbacks, you have no quarterbacks.” Team derision over the quarterback situation will play out negatively just as Northwestern’s union situation.

Virginia Tech 35
Ohio State 24


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