Week 3 Betting Guide

As we move on to week 3, we are starting to get a better idea of what teams are all about. We have an overall weak slate of games this week, but there’s money to be made out there.

Nebraska +3.5 at Miami

The play: Miami

Why? First of all, this is a worthless game that few people will watch. But some twenty years ago, these were the best programs in the country. I doubt either program will ever match those glory teams, but this game provides a spark of interest when considering the history. Golden is likely out at the end of the year and will be replaced by Charlie Strong. Nebraska is still reeling after giving a game away to BYU. Which team will not show up the most? Nebraska.

Miami 31
Nebraska 24

South Carolina +17 at Georgia

The play: South Carolina

Why? It’s obvious South Carolina is on the decline. Georgia is sort of holding steady as a good but not great team. The Cocks still have something in the tank, and the Old Ball Coach will have his players giving maximum effort today. It won’t be enough to win the game, but it’ll be enough to scare some people in Athens.

Georgia 16
South Carolina 14

Texas Tech +11.5 at Arkansas

The play: Arkansas

Why? Let’s face it, Bret Bielema is an idiot. Everyone knows it. His team looks to have regressed from last year’s last place team. Still, the opponent this week, Texas Tech, is downright awful. Toledo could get off the field on defense last week, but Texas Tech just doesn’t have the athletes Toledo does.

Arkansas 38
Texas Tech 10

California -6.5 at Texas

The play: California

Why? Have you seen Texas play this year? They are awful. Last year these teams both sported losing records. Cal may not win another game this year after this weekend. Texas will win a few due to a weak schedule. This is a double play.

California 41
Texas 13

Florida -3.5 at Kentucky

The play? Kentucky

Why? Why not? Florida might be on the road back to being a dominant program. Kentucky is on the road to be a respectable program. There is something to be said for momentum, and Kentucky is riding high after sneaking up on South Carolina.

Kentucky 21
Florida 20

SMU +37 at TCU

The play: SMU

Why? TCU has looked unimpressive thus far. They aren’t a deep team, they’ve suffered some key injuries and their quarterback seems to have regressed. SMU has shown some spark for the first time in years and Chad Morris has them heading in the right direction. Do I think SMU wins this game? No, but I think they are capable of winning this game.

TCU 35
SMU 34

Ole Miss at Alabama Over/Under – 53

The pick: The Under

Why? There are still questions about both of these teams on the offensive side of the ball. There are no questions on the defensive side of the ball.

Ole Miss 10
Alabama 9


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