About the Hellspawned Javelinas

On a blistering summer day in 1954, a swearing Bear Bryant reached into the scalding sands of Junction, Texas and plucked from the depths of hell a multi-headed demonswine.  After years of thrashings and bourbon-fueled tirades administered by Bryant himself, the petulant peccaries reached a plane of consciousness never before achieved.  Well, maybe not, but they are wont to bullshit a good deal about Texas Aggie sports.

Only the brave and foolhardy will join them in their descent into the bowels of Aggiedom.  All questions, concerns, and stock tips should be sent to hellspawnedjavelinas@aggie.zzn.com. Don’t expect a reply unless you include the stock tips.  Honestly, we don’t expect anyone to email us any complaints because then we’d have your email address and would probably sign you up for some sort of Gay Porn of the Month Club if you were too much of a dick.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and supporting the Fightin’ Texas Aggies!  Wooo!


10 comments on “About the Hellspawned Javelinas

  1. Higher Authority,
    Do you remember that Fake Texas Tech song where the Guys Say we Are Texas tech for god sake get you guns up.
    If so could you please email it to me

  2. You’re site is nice, but why Javelinas? The Javelina is a mascot for another college in Texas. It’s confusing because I thought your site was for Texas A&I, now known (unfortunately for all of us) as A&M–Kingsville.

  3. jeepcjlover, it was originally “Billy Pickard’s Hellspawned Javelinas.”

    We used to have a running joke about our team entrance revolving around Pickard riding onto Kyle Field on the backs of crazed javelinas. For some odd reason, Billy Pickard requested that his name be removed from this site. At that point, we were just too damn lazy to change it up.

    Hope that clears it up.

  4. Where in the world is your brisket recipe? If you don’t want to share it with the public, you can always just email it to me.

  5. This is possibly the lamest blog ever created. Do you guys make up this shit while you’re sucking each other off or when you’re getting ass pounded in the bathroom at the dorms? Aggies suck almost as bad as this blog.

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